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Welcome to the Cakeman guild website!

This is a new website so bare with us whilst we improve it. 

We are a friendly bunch and also have capable who are now
7/8 heroic down
. We are lead by the capable hands of Nick and his death knight, Aimforpain. There is a well established group of officers that help to keep the guild in shape aswell. We use Ventrilo for communications which is available to all members at any time.

There are plenty of officers and our guild master of course who you can contact if you have any queries that have not been answered on this website. We are on Silvermoon - EU.

Guild Master - Aimforpain
Officers - Janos, Kreontas, Anniangel, Elariya, Toosch, Doomedlady, Wolfsorigin.
If none of them are online (which is unlikely), then just send them a mail in-game.

We are a 10-man raiding guild so our raiders are close and know each other well enough that we work great in a team. We also like to maintain a friendly atmosphere and keep all players engaged and involved with the guild, so even during raid times the friendly atmosphere is still there. 

If you are looking to apply to raid then just check out the recruitment tab on the home page to see if your class is available for recruitment. If so then check out the forums for further instructions.


Cakeman are now progressing onto the big bad boss himself - Madness of Deathwing. 7/8 Heroic down so far. Madness will really test our skills and teamwork. But if we can get Spine down in just over 50 wipes, then we have a good chance.

Morchok - Down and on farm
Yor'Sahj - Down and on farm
Warlord Zon'Ozz - Down and on farm
Hagara - Down and on farm
Ultraxion - Down and on farm
Warmaster Blackhorn - Down and of farm

Spine - Newest Kill! Good work.

Madness - Finally progressing. Not long now.

We have stopped raiding until August 21st. So if you want to apply for Mists of Pandaria raiding come September 25th, then please make a note in your app!

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Zeragon96, May 5, 12 5:23 PM.
New website up! Yay!
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